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Our partner, Guy Healy, Japan, in collaboration with Nagasaki Junior College, offers the International Village Study Abroad program (IVSA), which gives students:  (1) hands-on English teaching experience with International Village (IV), (2) Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) certification upon coursework completion, and (3) a full- time undergraduate semester course load through NJC The classes are fun and engaging, the program cost is relatively low, and students are given real teaching experience in Japan - a rare opportunity. For more information, please visit IVSA.
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International Village Youth House has a number of programs for students studying the Japanese language and culture.  IVYHouse partners with the International Village Study Abroad program and Guy Healy, Japan to offer students short- and long-term programs. For more information, email our staff at info@ivyh.org.
International Village Youth House partners with Guy Healy, Japan to offer programs to teachers both for professional development and for your class or school.  Our programs offer a unique opportunity to study in Japan at a reasonable cost. For more information, email our staff at info@ivyh.org.
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Concept of the Camps

Interaction with Native Speakers
Campers work with our American counselors (AC) groups of 6 campers to 1 AC.  Campers speak only English to the ACs - during activities, at meals, and throughout the day.
Camp Activities are designed to get students talking.  It sounds odd, but the best way to learn a language is to speak it. In fact, one of the camp rules is:  Make mistakes!

Some Camp Activities

Activity Stations
Using different stations, work on pronunciation, phrasing, singing, more.
International Village Camp Programs are fun and exciting camps that feature intensive interaction with native speakers, fun activities that promote real-world language use in engaging situations, and just a great time!
My Town USA
We recreate an American town! Hospital, post office, theather, more!
American Carnival
Music, balloon animals, water balloon toss, face painting, you name it!
Camp Fire
Around a big bonfire - songs, games, and roasting marshmallows.
And so much more!  All with ACs, all in English, and all with great big smiles!

Sample Camp Schedule