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The play hall is the focus of our group activities for our English programs.  Individual guests may also use the play hall for a nominal fee.  Check the front desk for details and a schedule.


Lots of our camp avtivities are held in the main yard, but you may just want to play around a bit.  Throw the frisbee or kick the ball around - it’s perfect in the warm months!


Study sessions, meetings, and group discussions are held in our classrooms and meeting rooms.  Even if your group isn’t part of a program, you can still use these rooms.  Check the front desk for details.


The IVYHouse grounds are nice just to stroll around, too.  We’re right by the ocean, and there are some great views of Huis Ten Bosch.  Summer fireworks make for some great viewing. Our summer beer gardens are not to be missed!  We hold our beer gardens outside when the weather’s good.  Great beer, great food, and a great time! Our camp programs hold a lot of activities outside.  When the weather’s good, we have games, sports, and even an American-style carnival with games, music, and fun!


Restaurant MG is a cafeteria-style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For some of our camp programs, we even turn it into an American restaurant.  If you’re lucky, you might catch our counselors hamming it up at a meal!

Restaurant MG

If you need some exercise on your journey, visit the fitness area.  We’ve got ellipticals, cycles, free weights, and weight machines to help you keep in shape - even after all the beer and brats from Rock and Roll BRATS!  There’s a small fee, so check at the front for details.



* 約400台###無料駐車場付き!

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